Dark Gifts

The following dark gifts are available to players by metamorphosing, as described in the rules.

ACCUMULATION: Any player with Accumulation automatically receives one brownie point every day at midnight GMT.

BAT-WINGED MONKEY MINIONS: A player with Bat-Winged Monkey Minions may, as an action, dispatch them against another player at the cost of five brownie points. To do this, the active player nominates one action which the target player might otherwise have taken on their next turn; for their next turn only, the target player is prevented from taking that action.

FLIGHT: In any situation where the rules permit a player to move him or herself voluntarily, a player with Flight may instead fly. Flying consists of changing one's location to a room connected to a room that is connected to one's current location. Although this action is not movement in itself, the player is, for the rest of that turn, considered to have already moved in that turn.

LUCKY STIFF: A player who is a Lucky Stiff may, at most once per turn, designate a die roll he or she is about to make as a "swing roll". A player who is a Lucky Stiff may nullify the result of a swing roll (and cause the state of the game to be such as if that result had never occurred) by making another die roll for the same event, which shall also be considered a swing roll. Such nullification may be done at most twice per turn, and may not be done after a non-swing roll has been made or the turn in which the swing roll occurred has ended.

MAGIC ANCESTRAL INVISIBILITY CLOAK: A player with a Magic Ancestral Invisibility Cloak is permitted to steal tokens from game entities whose location is a high-security area.

MAGIC FINGERS: A player with this dark gift may, as an action, simultaneously set the location of one of the tokens he or she is carrying to another player and set the location of a token carried by the other player to him or herself. This action reduces the actor's brownie points by fifteen, may only be done once in a turn, and may not involve the Bottle Imp. The token acquired may not be dropped in the same turn.

MASTER OF IMPS: A player with Master of Imps may, on his or her turn, as an action, move any token with the word 'Imp' in its name, provided that its location is a room. Each token may only be moved in this way once per turn.

REPULSIVENESS: No player may voluntarily move or fly to the location of a player with Repulsiveness.

STRENGTH: A player with Strength may, on his or her turn, steal from player without Strength if the location of the players is the location of neither player's servant or of both players' servants.

SURFACE-TO-AIR MISSILE BATTERY: If a room is the location of a player with a Surface-To-Air Missile Battery, no other player may consider that room connected to any other room at all for the purposes of flying, unless the former player has posted to the List within the previous 24 hours to say that they will permit the flying player to do so.

TELEKINESIS: A player with Telekinesis may, as an action, use it to pick up a token whose location is connected to his or her own location, or to drop a token he or she is carrying in a location connected to his or her location. A player may not use Telekinesis if he or she has previously picked up or dropped a token in that turn, nor drop or pick up a token for the rest of the turn after using Telekinesis.

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