Rule 1. Game
This is a game.

Rule 2. Rules
A rule is a series of one or more statements in English. This game has a set of rules, consisting of Rule 1 and all the rules that follow it.

Rule 3. Players
This game has a set of players. At the start of the game, this set consists of Glen Acord, Carl Muckenhoupt, Erik Ray, Greg Travis, and Tony Zito.

Rule 4. Playing by the rules
All players must obey the rules. That is, all players must, to the best of their ability, behave in such a manner that the rules are satisfied.

Rule 5. Limitation of scope
Any action or thing, whether actual or notional, that is neither explicitly mentioned in the rules nor otherwise brought into the game in a manner described by the rules is not a part of the game.

Rule 6. Modification of rules
The players may change the rules by unanimous agreement.

Rule 7. Tokens
All players have a token.

Rule 8. Token Names
All players must name thier token within five days of the adoption of this rule.

Rule 9. Rule Names
All rules must have names. The name of a rule must be short and descriptive of its content. Any proposal to adopt a new rule must specify its name.

Rule 10. Establishment of a Secretary
One of the players of The Game shall be given the duty of recording rules in a public format, such as a world wide web site, who shall be known henceforth as "the Secretary", who shall have the right to modify the wording of any rule to clarify it according to the original intent of the rule's proponents, and who will be responsible for upgrading a proposed rule to the status of official rule based on some form of democratic approval among all the players.

Rule 11. First Secretary
The first secretary will be Carl Muckenhoupt.

Rule 12. The List
In any rule, the phrase "the List", with the L capitalized, refers to the official electronic mailing list of this game,

Rule 13. New Players
Players may be added to the game by the following procedure: 1. A player invites the prospective new player to play the game, and announces the invitation to the List. 2. The prospective new player joins the List. 3. The prospective new member announces acceptance of the invitation to the List. As soon as all three steps are completed without objection from any player, the prospective new player becomes one of the players of this game.

Rule 4. Blanchard Regumas
If someone posts a message to the List whose body (not counting signature) consists of a single sentence in quotes and possibly another sentence in quotes arranged so as to indicate that it is part of a message being replied-to, this sentence is to be considered a part of a continuously-running story; if you receive such a message, you should reply to it by creating a sentence which continues the story, unless someone else has already replied in this fashion; in the event that multiple responses to one message appear on the list, only the earliest message may be considered part of the story.

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